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Essentially my practice concerns itself with issues around identity, masculinity and placement; in short, what it means to be a black man today.

I draw reference from memory, experiences and my dreams; but also from the many historic and present day channels of influence that impact the way black and brown men are received.

My work embraces digital and analogue collage; a marriage of original and borrowed photography, found imagery, typography, wallpaper, textiles and paint.



BA Photography Work In Progress (group)
Copeland Gallery, London.
March 2022
Lacuna (group)
Burgh House, London.
June 2021
Mental health based University project in collaboration with students Stela Csizmazia and Liv Dawes.
January 2022
New Waves
Conversation with artists Ope Lori and Othello De’Souza-Hartley. Hosted by students George Dyer and Mars Obonyo.
October 2021
Toilet Talks!
George Dyer joins Kairo Kay to discuss all things post-production, university and tips for up and coming photographers.
June 2021
Rebirth Editorial
HUF Magazine.
June 2018


Crystal Palace Festival
Event Photographer
June 2018 / June 2019 / August 2020
Pride in London
Event Photographer
July 2018 / July 2019
diary of a photoholic (blog)


essential viewing


Work In Progress Invite
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