my name is
george dyer and I'm
a photoholic..

After a rather stagnant 22 year career in IT I accepted voluntary redundancy, taught myself how to use my newly bought Nikon D3300, and the rest is (as they say) history. I cut my teeth on shooting architecture and some landscape but soon turned my attention to people.

I specialised in street portraiture and event photography including voluntary work for Pride in London and Crystal Palace Festival. In 2018 I established shootparty, a vehicle for practising creatives to come together and share resources (more here). This was also the year of my first editorial, published in HUF magazine. 

Although I had taken another IT role (to keep the lights on) the global pandemic of 2020 brought that to an abrupt end, it was then I decided to enrol for a BA in Photography at University for the Arts, London.

Lacuna (group exhibition)
Burgh House, London.
June 2021
New Waves
Conversation with artists Ope Lori and Othello De’Souza-Hartley. Hosted by students George Dyer and Mars Obonyo.
October 2021
Toilet Talks!
George Dyer joins Kairo Kay to discuss all things post-production, university and tips for up and coming photographers.
June 2021
Rebirth Editorial
HUF Magazine.
June 2018
Crystal Palace Festival
Event Photographer
June 2018 / June 2019 / August 2020
Pride in London
Event Photographer
July 2018 / July 2019
diary of a photoholic (blog)


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