• George Dyer

My Uni Experience: Every cloud

So 2020 turned out to be a bit of a non-starter for most of us. The first couple of months came with the usual New Year promises and aspirations, but it all went downhill real quick.

Thousands losing their lives to Covid.. friends, family, loved ones hospitalised and isolated, medics playing catch-up with limited and sometimes inappropriate resources.

We were all told to stay home, and we did. Some were told to work from home for the foreseeable future, some had to push on providing essential services, some put on furlough, many left to fend for themselves.

Then the world turned on to the daily hazards that comes with being a person of colour in today's twisted society. America was in flames and the UK was forced to check its shady past.

I was working at a data centre keeping the cogs moving for an international financial services giant. My employer started off asking me to attend site, then put me on the government's furlough scheme for a couple of months before deciding my services were no longer required. With my request to extend the furlough period declined I, like so many others, was left abandoned and disillusioned.

Having time at home with nothing to do but apply for countless jobs whilst watching the BBC's daily 4pm dose of doom and gloom bought me to the decision to invest in myself and apply for a place at university. It's not the first time I've considered higher education but seeing that the job market had been turned to mush I decided that this may be the perfect time to live out my dreams.

The seed had been planted, now it was time to turn my plans into reality.


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