undergraduate portfolio

Through study I seek to gain a more rounded understanding of all things photography and develop my practise. I especially wish to broaden my knowledge of the history, increase my exposure to different techniques of image capture and apply the use of mixed media to tell my story.

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the streets

Here I've experimented with mirroring, photoshop edits and camera angles, occasionally altering the appearance of the structure beyond recognition.


my brother, my keeper


This is a new project in development but temporarily on hold due to COVID-19.

Even in 2020 I feel there is a void of images depicting black men as caring or nurturing human beings, I hope to help address this imbalance through a series of scenes featuring the men I know exist.

This selection is from a test shoot I conducted to help establish which models to use.


project notes

mood board



One of my most rewarding experiences was working with stylist David Johnson on a fashion editorial for HUF magazine. The concept of ‘Rebirth’ was "humans are sent to a new planet in order to save the human race."

The collaboration enhanced my experience of working with mood boards, studio lighting and directing models.


mood board

call sheet


Over the past 6 months I’ve been learning how to use Photoshop, this project has been a bit of a testbed for the skills I've acquired including retouching and layering.


I'm influenced by the works of Dutch photographer Ruud Van Empel and American portrait painter Kehinde Wiley; both produce vibrant works full of colour and energy.


A series of low key images intentionally masking the identity of the model, the focus being on individual features.


I'm keen to develop this collection further possibly incorporating some poetry to complement the artwork.